10 Things to be aware of before having Botox

Botox is being offered in more and more diverse places, including some quite unusual establishments. Deciding where to go or what to have done can be overwhelming. To help you decide here is our quick list of important factors when choosing your Botox treatments.

1) Why you are thinking about having Botox? Is it for cosmetic reasons, perhaps to improve your regular facial expression, or for age-reduction, to treat or prevent wrinkles?

2) Qualification and Experience. “The number of patients your doctor or nurse treats per week gives them their experience and you your results”.

3) Initial assessment. Do your research to make sure Botox is the right, best value treatment for you. At Radiance we offer always offer a free consultation and facial assessment.

4) Other Treatments. The clinic must offer other treatments because Botox does not cure all problems. Dermal filler or Laser ResurFace may be more appropriate.

5) Botox for different ages. Assessment and treatment for the under 40s is very different to the over 40s. That’s why we always do a full facial assessment first.

6) Side effects. In skilled hands there are few side-effects. Make sure before and after pictures are taken, sign a consent form and ask for aftercare information.

7) What type of Botox is being used? There are many brands available so make sure it is a market leader such as Azzalure or Bocouture.

8) Follow up. A check-up after 2 weeks, with complimentary top up, is the minimum requirement for best results. “Many clinics will not do this as they have to open a new vial of expensive Botox.”

9) Book your next appointment. Make it no less than 4 months which will be before the Botox wears off completely so that with time you will ‘lose the muscle memory’ and frowning will not be something you do.

10) Other Things to consider. Ask what else might be appropriate: Skin Care, Collagen stimulating treatments, Dermal fillers & supplements. This helps you get the right care and will help sound-out how knowledgable your practitioner is.